Thursday, April 21, 2016

for the Record

Seems like I've used a good number of songs in my az this year

Frank has an extensive album collection from back in the day- I have not bought many records or albums in my life but here is a few that have been favorites in my life- ones I have actually purchased or been given by people who knew I was a fan-

First 45 I ever got- "easier said than done" by the essex loved loved that song

One Christmas I got - John Denver's first album- I adored his music - still could kick myself for not going to see him in my city- the spring before he died

That same Christmas- I was given Don McLean "American pie"- another one that inspired

My friends gave me a surprise bday party on my 21- they thrilled me with Coldblood's "Thriller"- Lydia Pense's rendition of "you are the sunshine of my life"- gorgeous

Now the next two were not albums but I can't tell you how romantic it makes me feel when I listen to the cd my son Colin gave me--Michael Feinstein's "isn't it romantic"

And big fan of Kenny Kravitz"baptism"-- awesome

So just a sampling of my musical influences-


  1. Good songs. You have a side variety of tastes. I thought of posting some R songs today but since I've done that this challenge I didn't.

  2. I think the Grease soundtrack was probably the first album I owned. I wore that thing out!

  3. Great collection of recordings you have enjoyed. John Denver would have been a good concert to have seen.

    I remember my brother's first 45 record he bought was one of the Beatle's songs back in 1964. Wasn't supposed to go to the store to buy it but had to since he liked it so much. Got in trouble with my mom but it was worth it to him :)


  4. I remember a lot of songs from my younger days too.

    I know Don McLean from "American Pie."