Thursday, April 14, 2016

the LIMBO party

I was probably around 8 or 9--that would have made my oldest sister 18 or 19 and my other sister somewhere around 13-

I don't remember if it was my sister Martha's birthday or if Ruth was just throwing a beatnik/limbo party for her

Ruth and Lewis were still newlyweds- who lived upstairs in an old house - their apartment was very cool- I thought it was the best place ever-

I had been included in this magical night- although all the other guests were friends of my sister Martha

Everyone wore black pants and most people had a black turtle neck type sweater-

The lights were very dim and I guess there was typical beatnik style music on the stereo

The limbo was hard but not as hard when you were a short bendy kid

I wish I could recall what we used for the limbo stick- I think it may have been an actual limbo stick

This is one of those childhood times that made it into the best memory category

As I write this from the dark recesses of time- I give that evening 10 snaps!


  1. I remember doing the limbo at the roller rink as a kid...that was NOT easy to do!

  2. The Limbo is not easy to do, on or off skates! LOL I do remember using a broom stick though!

  3. I remember playing limbo at roller rinks; I usually didn't make it too far down though

    sounds like a fun party!


  4. Lynn, unfortunately, I've never been that flexible so I could probably only do limbo if the stick is at my height!

  5. I tried the limbo once. My back has never been the same.

    1. Yeah probably responsible for lots of back probems of that era!