Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I want to mention my granddaughter with a q name- My youngest granddaughter Quinlan- I didn't make this post about her although she could fill a book! But I decided a while back not to write posts about only a particular grandchild- they could probably care less but I worry haha!

Today I thought I would elaborate on my main character in my short story "Queenie's Bequest"

If you have been a long time reader you may remember that the story is based on my paternal grandmother whose real name was "Queenie"

Just some things I would like you to know about her

She dressed around the house like a pauper but dressed up quite nicely when she went out- she saved her good clothes for others

She made corn shuck mats and piece quilts

She never ate lunch with us but instead walked back and forth- waiting on us- occasionally stopping to stand at the table and chat

She always had a garden and worked like a horse

She had many things she said- all of which we repeat to this day-

"That is a treat love" and the kinda inside joke "be sure and wipe your hips love"

As you can tell- she is remembered fondly and often

I can still see her welcoming us in and standing in the yard- waving until we were far out of sight-

First post of Queenie's Bequest

This was my Grandmother's stove-- it's in my house


  1. What a delightful grandmother Queenie sounds like, and how wonderful you're keeping her influence alive and well. And how fun you have her stove!

  2. Yes she is a treasure- thank you!

  3. Oh wow. How COOL is it that you have your grandmother's stove? Amazing! And I think Quinlan is one of the prettiest names I've heard.

  4. That was great you got her stove (maybe you could tell us the story of how that came to be in S)

    She sounded like a wonderful grandmother!


  5. That's a charming looking stove. Sounds like you have some sweet memories of her.

  6. so wonderful that you have her so special. :)