Monday, April 11, 2016


When I look at my grandchildren I see innocence - not that they can't or don't do wrong but their hope and dreams

Thankfully the world has not beaten them and they still wake most days with the feeling that anything is possible

It is a shame that in order to normally grow and mature we lose a lot of our innocence and our dreams

Is innocence similar to ignorance- maybe in some circumstances

Ironicly the lost of innocence leads us to greater compassion and love

While the innocence of one's youth is usually short lived- the time of innocence prepares us for life

It allows us to remember and reflect on a gentler time

But without the lost of our innocence we would remain childlike

Looking for our desires our comfort our joy

So as we sometimes grieve our loss - look outward for the reasons for that inevitable loss of innocence


  1. It happens to all of us; but it is sad when we do lose that age of innocence and see the world for what it truly is


  2. A lovely, thought provoking post. It is like a right of passage: Innocense to knowledge. But as long as we are able to see that young innocense and remember it, all is well.

    1. It's great to recall glimpses of it- thank you