Tuesday, April 19, 2016


To push or not to push-

I think I probably should admit right off that as a parent I have tended to go the route of not pushing my kids

I recall telling my children more than once- If you are really stressing out about something- ask yourself- am I just afraid- do I want to do whatever it is- do I have to do it- and how do you think you might feel later if you choose not to do something

I figure- there is so much we have to do and so much we have no choice in - that fretting about all of it just becomes too much for kids and adults!

So there is a time to push and a time for me to try and see the greater picture

I mean ya gotta push em out of the bed sometimes- to clean- etc etc

Pushing too much can cause insecurity and fear- sometimes knowing you don't have to do something can push you right past the fear-


  1. Wise mom! Knowing when to push and when to let them figure it out is a delicate balance.

  2. I tended to push on things I thought they were capable of doing and might be reluctant to do. I didn't push if I knew it was something they had no interest or motivation in and were downright afraid of.


  3. It's a fine line we walk as parents. :)

  4. Parents face so many challenges in raising children. If they push too hard, it can hurt but if they don't push hard enough, it can hurt, too.

  5. I encourage, but not push. ;)

  6. I wasn't much of a pusher either... or at least I did't think I was... my kids might disagree