Tuesday, April 12, 2016


June is my favorite month of summer- ironically the June bugs don't arrive here until later in the summer

The weather is almost perfect in sunny June-- guess that's why it's the bride's fav pic too-

My oldest sister got married in June- I was the flower girl-

We used to go on our beach trips in June and if we can manage it we still try June

One of the problems with June vacations is the school year ending later and later- way into June

June has me planning and planting- the small front yard garden looks pretty good in June- not so good by mid July

I'm looking forward to this coming June- what's your favorite summer month?

Robyn in my wedding dress when she was 15


  1. Our June bugs don't come out in June either. I think my favorite summer month is July because of the fireworks around the 4th.

  2. Robyn was cute in that dress :) Nowadays it seems like the kids get out earlier and earlier from school; mid May at places here. June in Southern California was interesting because of June gloom, which was low clouds and cool weather over the beach area; sometimes June could be colder than December :)

    My favorite month is October, weather cooling down, but not too cold, maybe that's why we got married in October :)