Thursday, April 7, 2016


would you want to know the future----

I guess most of us are alike in that we would like to see into the future if it were good

of course there are good things people prefer to leave in the future as a good surprise---like the sex of a baby

then there are ones who want all the testing they can have just in case their pregnancy brings an unwanted surprise----knowing some of the future allows them to prepare to some degree

if we knew a loved one was going to die this year---yes we would spend  perhaps more quality time with them---but it would be prejudiced by the information for sure-

we could alter things but if the future was set---what would be the point in most cases----I think for the probably the major stuff it is best not to know---

and while saying that--I admit I think I would rather have an illness that gives me time to say farewells to family and friends and plenty of comfort care also

I believe some of us wouldn't have even thought of most of our major future events ----

so to me it's a grace that we don't know too much----that we wake drink our coffee or tea----watch the news and make our plans until they change-


  1. I prefer life as it is. Even if we know the future, there can be changes along the way that we did not foresee - and that can even be positive. Why worry for the future? It's not what we are supposed to do.

  2. I don't know if I would want to know. Last fall my uncle died of cancer. Before that my dad was referred to an oncologist, but for strange reasons on the oncologist's office part he didn't go. When his brother got so sick, my dad told my husband that if he had to go through all that he would just rather not know.

  3. I think that is why God doesn't reveal future events to us in our lives. I think it would cause a significant amount of worry on our part, more than nowadays not knowing events. Also good reminder to live our lives to the fullest.