Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Victory in Jesus

A few years ago my father's short term memory was failing- One of the things he had to give up doing was teaching his Sunday school class- I can't say how long dad had been teaching that class but a great number of years-

The class was passed to my husband Frank- now if you may have read some of my very early posts- you might recall how Frank has worn a lot of hats at church- much like my dad- but I suspect his favorite is teaching-

I tend to see people and situations like stories or maybe a documentary- this class is full of rich material for a bestselling novel

It consists of my sweet Dad of course--then there is a nice man that started coming with his dad- who happened to be the oldest man in the church- sadly he passed away not too long ago- I'm so happy the son still attends-

Then there is a guitarist- an artist- and a former school principal with such an amazing voice-- Dr.W is also the co teacher-- and there's one man that has the sweetest face and disposition-- he reminds me of the neighbor in the first Home Alone

There are two fellows that keep things going- one greets everyone each Sunday morning with a smile and a bulletin
The other one is the vice chairman of the deacon board and he greets everyone too

One of the class members is a pastor- not our official church pastor- but a former missionary- now he and his dear wife could have their own separate story-

Back to the artist- this man is very intriguing- I have to share his name- "Virgil"- now could there be another name with more southern charm- and he is just like his name implies

Since Frank has been teaching he has the class start with a hymn or two
"Victory in Jesus" has become their mantra
Recently our choir director asked them to sing it in the worship service

And something else sweet- they keep a basket full of candy for all to enjoy-

*I know it touched Frank yesterday as this was the last hymn sung at his cousin Larry's celebration of life service


  1. Sounds like a great class of students from a variety of walks of life. How great with them singing the song like that; they did a great job with it too!


    1. It is an unusual mix for sure- thanks Betty!

  2. Thanks for sharing the song.

    I hope your family is doing okay.

    1. We are doing well- thank you Cynthia!