Monday, April 18, 2016


Only- One of the saddest most frustrating little words-

If only being the worst- If only I had visited longer the last time with my grandmother-- If only I had gone to see my uncle the night before he died

Most of our "if onlys"- are regrets - things we can't go back and alter or change- things we feel certain that we would- If only we were granted one more opportunity

In a smaller way - only presents hardship too- you can pick only one- you can only have this much- you can only go if-

There is a positive look at only- in romantic songs or promises

But to me the tiny word only is most unpleasant and final


  1. It is! But "Only You" and "I Only Have Eyes for You" have a romantic feel to them!

  2. I've been tormented by a few "if only" stuff too but I've learned that it's best to live and learn and move forward.

  3. Great post and so true. I've said "If only..." Many times in my life, and there's always that sick feeling that accompanies it.

  4. You are the one and only Lynn. :)

  5. If onlys does lead to regret, can't they? But I have said "if only" on more than on occasion here myself.