Friday, April 8, 2016

Grapes and Green

Lately I've heard a couple of things about grape juice that are new news to me
First it seems to ward off if not prevent migraines

Also if you think you may have been exposed to the stomach virus- you should drink grape juice- it's something in it that attacks a certain bacteria-

Green - I think it was my mother's favorite color and one of if not both of my "dil's" fav too

The last year or so before my mother died she was constantly talking about how green everything was

She was convinced the green was greener than ever before and bigger and taller-
As we would take car rides she was amazed by this occurrence- and determined that we all see what she saw

I didn't

 But recently my daughter and I were saying the same thing as we rode in the country one day-

How I wished I could have noticed how much greener things have become when my mother did


  1. That was interesting about the grape juice, I hadn't heard that before.

    I think we all wished there was something about our relationship with our moms, things they said or did, that perhaps we didn't take notice of until it was too late. I'm guilty of that in my own way.


    1. I know Betty- guess we have to do the best we know how and let it go-

  2. I grow concord grapes. Good to know.
    Green is also my husband's favorite color.