Friday, April 1, 2016


I really enjoy the az thingy---it's actually the last time that I blogged-----it's something about the set time---I don't know---it works for me

this year I plan to post each letter about things I am liking---words that fit my moods over these last few months----places---foods---it could be anything---sometimes it may be multiple ones---other letters perhaps one thing or idea----I begin with APPLE PIE

this Easter I purchased two marked down walmart apple cinnamon pies---yes they looked good--very large and the crust rose with the placement of the apples---very rustic appearance ---but I suspected they wouldn't be very good---just another choice on the dessert table---apple not being even in my top 10 list of pies--

boy it was good----tender crust---tart but soft apples----the best apple pie frank and I have ever had----great find!

ANIMAL PRINT---now honestly not a huge fan----but these shoes---well you would have to walk a mile in them to get what I mean---

when I knew it would be time for robyn to have her baby soon---I bought them---dressy enough for hospital short stays-----but the 38 day stay for her baby would challenge the best of shoes----

these shoes are probably the most comfortable ones I can remember----and I have had so many compliments on them----I keep meaning to go back and buy the black version

ANTHROPOLOGIE---the store----I don't go there often but when I do---I rarely buy anything but am always inspired so-----this last trip there I was very impressed how they had waters and the cutest vanilla cupcakes for their customers---I don't know why I didn't take one!

APATHY----now I never gave this word much thought----but recently I have been thinking how apathy gets a bad rap----this last year and a half has given me a warm place in my heart for the cold indifferent shell shocked emotion-----sometimes it's a good thing to just sit back and realize you don't have anything to say about a matter and you seriously could care less


  1. I looked for you one day and didn't find anything. I thought you had quit for good. Some days I find I have a lot of apathy. I used the last of my frozen apples to make a crisp a few days ago.

  2. haha--I appreciate you taking the time to look ruth---just been a rough year---not inspired---yeah I love apple crisp--I make the lazy kind with the canned apples and yellow cake mix---

  3. I liked the Apple Pie part. Maybe coz I like Apple Pie :-)

  4. I have a cousin who used to love anything animal print. She would love those shoes.

    And I've honestly never heard of ANTHROPOLOGIE...but if they have cupcakes for customers, then I'm totally going!

  5. My late mil- adored animal print - yeah the store has clothes and some home decor- really unique!

  6. My late mil- adored animal print - yeah the store has clothes and some home decor- really unique!

  7. Those shoes do look comfortable and who can resist an apple pie, especially if it is marked down!


  8. Hey betty! Yeah I know- I always check the marked down bakery part for sure 😀

  9. Boy do I love a good apple pie. My grandmother used to make the best for Thanksgiving.

  10. You know, I really like animal print. I don't know what it is about it. I LOVE those shoes!

  11. Good post. I love the note about apathy. Sometimes it is nice to not care. I love that phrase, "Not my monkeys, not my circus".
    Ann Bennett @annbennett12

    Too Much To Choose From
    Science Ladybug

  12. I love apple pie. Warm and with a dollop of ice cream... :) Nice post. Good luck for the month!

  13. Apple Pie is one of my favorites! Cute shoes and doggy!

  14. Hi Robyn, welcome back! And, welcome back for another Challenge. I like your idea of going with the flow and sharing what comes to mind.
    Your selection today was interesting. I have favourite shoes too, I'm glad those are comfy.

    Enjoy the Challenge, and I'll be back to see where you take us next.

    Cheers, Jenny
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