Thursday, April 28, 2016

the Xs and os of it

My sister in law Joy always finishes a card -fb post or message with xoxo-

Believe it or not I was quite up in age before I realized what those two little letters meant- and being honest- I still get confused as to which one is the kiss or hug

It's quaint how some people sign their cards or other written communication to one another

My sister Ruth most always has a side note- it usually contains a bible passage- it's like "Queenie" My grandmother used to do

I have these friends and the woman sends cards frequently- we can't help but guess each time- whose name will be signed-as she randomly does not include her husband's with her's-

Then there's my dad- whenever he would send my mother a birthday card or anniversary card- if he signed it at all- he would sign- Robert Weaver-


  1. I like how your dad signs cards if he signs them at all :) Hubby's dad would always sign his cards to hubby's mom "love always" and then his name.

    Now I'm thinking X is for hugs and 0 is for love?


  2. Your dad signing his full name. That's funny.

  3. Haha better then when he didn't sign them. I guess!

  4. My dad just signs Dad. But he's always had wives to handle it. Just as I do with my husband--I go buy the card, then hand it to him and say, "Sign it!" One year when I was a teenager my stepmom must have been busy because my birthday check came in the mail with no card. The words "Happy birthday" were scrawled in the memo section.

  5. Oh no- glad you got the check though!