Friday, April 22, 2016

the 4 Ss

The older I get the more enjoyment I have - doing things that relax me

I have long found "search a word puzzles" comforting and somewhat challenging

I think the part that I like the most is the feel of the pen circling words but the best part is crossing them off the list

I have always found "solitaire" addicting and couldn't see myself doing it on the computer- but hey I'm doing it!

I play this game with myself- I see how many times I beat solitaire in a row and say I hit it six times- then I stop

A new love of mine is "Sudoku" - my grandson used to do these number puzzles when he was very young

I would look at them and think geez
I don't get it-

Now I relish the sudoku time

Lastly- I can really get into "songpop"

You hear a small bit of a song and compete to beat the time of another player
I'm learning a lot but in my picks I tend to stay in the 60-70s music- If I want to win!

Happy relaxing!


  1. S=sweet, serene relaxation! I, personally, love Spider Solitaire and the Sixties and Seventies Songs!

  2. Wow I had forgotten spider solitaire- I rarely use my laptop- and are just playing on my phone thanks Donna!

  3. Your mention of Song Pop makes me think of that old TV game show "Name That Tune." It's also a good name for a new soda.

  4. Never heard of song pop but it sounds fun :) I really truly think playing games like word searches and solitaire etc., is good for the brain. My mom did a lot of word searches and crossword puzzles and she was sharp as a tack in her final years.


    1. Yeah they say it does keep your mind younger!

  5. I love these adult coloring books because I've always found coloring relaxing. I'm thinking about taking a yoga class because I need to learn how to relax. Meditation would probably be more effective.

  6. Oh I know- I used to love to color too!