Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Doubts- Dove Chocolate- Dreams

Doubts - dove chocolate- dreams

No doubt most people love chocolate- I was just talking to my sister Ruth about how chocolate really isn't my big temptation but over Easter I have to tell you that dove stuff is something else

Now if my dil Adie reads this- know that I purchased a bag of dove after Easter!

I think dove is better than godiva but honestly I think my absolute fav is cadbury- a bit harder to find these days

That reminds me- one time when I was pregnant and very sick- I sent Frank to 7-11 to get me one of those giant chocolate candy bars'-

When he got home with it- he tells me he saw someone we knew from church- I think it was my friend Alicia- I ask him- did they ask who you were buying the chocolate for-- Frank assures me they did and he was happy to tell them it was ALL for his huge pregnant wife- now yes I'm sure he didn't say quite that but he may as well have

I was so mad at him I only ate half of it

Okay this is running kinda long- gotta fit doubts and dreams in here somewhere-
Got it- I doubt Frank innocently revealed the massive candy bar was for me and he's dreaming if he thinks I will ever forget it!


  1. Love most kind of chocolates and have no chocolate in the house; must plan a quick trip at lunch to remedy it :)


  2. My honey still brings me chocolate sometimes. I don't need it, but he does it anyway.

  3. Oh, good save there at the end with "doubts" and "dreams"! Nice to see you again!
    Donna Smith
    The A-to-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo
    Mainely Write

  4. Ah, chocolate... We get this Austrian stuff at Aldi that's to die for. I'm such a chocolate snob now, although I do like Dove.

    Crystal Collier

    1. I have has a couple of chocolates from other countries but still hunt for Cadbury:)